Legislation shows Canberra"s pursuit of political capital: China Daily ecreate your own silicone braceletditorial

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It is normal for every nation to want to do everything it can to ensure that its politics are free of any foreign interference and to deter espionage. And under normal circumstances, Australian legislation aimed at preventing political interference by foreign governments, making lobbying transparent and criminalizing espionage, would have nothing to do with China.

Unfortunately and without any justification, since the day it was first proposed, Canberra has pointed to Beijing as the rationale for the new legislation.

Although the legislature has not mentioned China, the new legislation is the outcome of months of China-bashing frenzy whipped up by Australian media and fueled by members of the government, despite Beijing repeatedly denying the accusations leveled against it.

Given the anti-China sentiment that has been allowed to fester, by associating the legislation with China, the Australian government has sought to boost its own popularity by exploiting the outdated bias and paranoia harbored by some Australians.

Yet the anti-China hysteria it has cynically allowed to build up, does not reflect the concerns of the majority of Australians.

A recent survey conducted by the Lowy Institute shows Australians" concerns about China"s growing power ranked below such issues as the actions of US President Donald Trump and the influx of immigrants and refugees.

Indeed, according to a June 20 Sydney Morning Herald article, Australian surveys in recent years have found the vast majority of Australians — 82 percent — see China as "more of an economic partner" than a military threat.

Certainly, Australian farmers and ranchers are fearful they will be adversely affected by the ongoing skirmishes between the two sides.

However, the Malcolm Turnbull government seems to find comfort in the familiarity of the past rather than embracing the possibilities of the present.

Turnbull has previously labeled China a "frenemy", and that split perspective means his administration keeps flip-flopping between being conciliatory and confrontational toward China, trying to seize the opportunities of China"s rise while becoming fearful each time it strays too far from the United States" China policy.

His administration should find a way to better balance its relations with the two countries. Viewing China rationally and with respect would be a start.

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